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Both these divisions import Spanish ores from the north of Spain a,nd smelt with English coke. The works in Loire Inferieure bring some pig-iron from other provinces of France. The production of neither district is of importance, although both contribute quite largely to the rail output. At the works at Trignac, near St. Na-zaire, there are three blast furnaces, three 10-ton converters and four open-hearth furnaces, the production of Bessemer steel being about 2500 tons per month. The works in the two districts are given in Table XXV-F.
TABLE XXV-F. Steel Works in the Northwest and Southwest of France.
Note:   Those marked (B") have Bessemer converters.
Province,	Companies,	Location.
Loire-Inferieure	Societ6  anonyme dea Acieries.  Hautn-Fourneaux, Forges et Aci6ries de Trignac.   (B) ...............	Trignac Basse-Indre Le Boucau
	SoeiŁt6 anonyme des Forges et Acieries deBasse-Indre Compagnie des Forges et Acieries de la Marine et des